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Willow Tree Construction is a fully bonded and licensed general contracting and interior remodeling company serving Frederick County Maryland and surrounding areas. You work directly with the owner, Jaye Rinker, throughout the process from design to project completion. Willow Tree Construction specializes in kitchen and bath remodeling as well as interior remodeling, entrance doors, and tile installation. Uses licensed subcontractors for plumbing and electrical services.



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I have used Jaye for a few projects and he always came through 100%. I had a roof that needed replacement, Long Roofing came out and said I had a hole in my roof and there was extensive water damage. Showed me the hole and the damage. I am 75 so I could not climb into the attic. So I called Jaye for help. I was willing to pay Jaye for his time and trouble. He responded immediately and yes there was legitimate damage but not to the extent Allstate said. He did not charge me! Winter 2022...Wife in hospital, have a long driveway, so I called Jaye for snow removal help. He referred me to a man who would plow my driveway. All went well. Jaye is a class act!

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How satisfied were you with the work?How satisfied were you with the work?
Would you hire Jaye again?

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